Upcoming International Conferences

The TASDC now holds annual international conferences that not only promote science, but also encourage individuals from a wide array of fields to work with one another to improve the scientific domain in Tennessee and nationally. To learn more about our past international conferences, click here.

Our next international conference will be held in 2019.

TASDC International Conference

“Science, education, and global security”
March 29, 2019

Claiborne campus

Walters State Community College 

Call for Papers

TASDC has organized an international conference to be held on March 29, 2019. This conference is hosted by Walters State Community College, TN and is supported by Tennessee Board of Regents, TN, and Virginia Research Institute, USA.

We take this opportunity to invite you to this conference which will automatically give you the membership of the TASDC.

All queries must be sent to registrar@tasdc.org or call 8653239074.

Conference Registration

Registration Fee
Includes reception, tea/coffee, lunch, and one year membership for TASDC

Please submit your registration fee based on the following deadlines

If registering before December 15, 2018
If registering after December 15, 2018

Abstract Submissions

Format Instructions for Titles and Abstracts

  • The title and abstract should be typed 10-point Arial (NOT Times New Roman as in previous years).
  • Type the title in sentence case (NOT in ALL CAPS as in previous years).
  • Following the title, type in bold italics the first name, middle initial (if desired), and last name of each author. Do not include academic degrees.
  • Indicate student author(s) with an asterisk following the name(s).
  • The authors’ names should be followed in italics by the official name(s) of the academic institution, city, and state (no abbreviations).
  • The abstract text should begin immediately after the address. The right margin should not be justified.
  • The abstract should state concisely the purpose, objectives, results, and conclusions.
  • The abstract should be written as a single paragraph not to exceed 150 words.
  • Do not include literature citations or diagrams.
  • Scientific names should be indicated by italic type.
  • Please send your abstract to registrar@tasdc.org

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